WFCQ 2016 over for Dutch national team

Zowel Sven als Leonard in actie

TALLINN – The World Floorball Championships Qualifications 2016 have come to an end for the Dutch national team. After four games the guys gained lots of new experience, exactly what they came for.

The team
Coach Siegfried Aikman used the months prior to the tournament to work on the squad. He made a selection, including Face Off players Sven Landmeter and Leonard Widjaja. During the tournament Landmeter even played as captain. Previously the team trained a lot as a group, both at tactical and conditional levels.

The team used the WFCQ 2016 as a learning moment in the path towards the WFC 2018. The most important aim of the tournament last week was not qualifying, but gaining experience and learning as much as possible from the opponents and the atmosphere of the tournament. By this, the team hopes to be able to put more focus on the training sessions during the next two years.

WFCQ in Estonia
First opponent was Estonia, a very strong team. The Dutch squad lost the match with 1-9. The next day slightly weaker opponent Denmark had to be faced, but the Dutch could only get along during the first period. Final score: 9-2 loss. The third game was an exciting one. Opponent Austria and the Netherlands were quite evenly matched, and we even saw Widjaja make an important goal. However, in the last ten minutes the Austrians ran out to a 3-6 victory. Last opponent: Finland (# 2 in the world). After the first period, the score was only 1-2 behind, but in the end the Finnish numbers had changed: 1-19.

(Sources: NeFUB, IFF)