(Nederlands) Nieuwe Face Off tenues in gebruik genomen

Teamfoto H1

GRONINGEN – Saturday February 27th the new Face Off sport outfits have been taken in use. Three teams played their games in the new shirts, and… won!

Long range project
About 1,5 year ago, the first step towards new outfits has been taken. Together with partner Unihopshop we started dealing with this big project. Several boards have been working on the process, with a beautiful result in the end: new outfits!

We want to thank Mark Kloosterman, who made the design for the new outfits. Also we would like to thank our partners, without whom it would not have been possible to buy the shirts and get them printed:

Proficient BV
Groningse Bierbrouwerij (Groningen Beer Brewery)

The distributing of the shirts to our members is still ongoing. Eventually all Face Off teams will play in the new outfits.