Join our trainings for free!

Would you like to join one of our trainings? Face Off trains on Mondays and Friday – and it’s free to join!

On Monday, we train from 21.00-23.00h, divided in one hour of men’s training and one hour of women’s training (+ non competition playing members). On Friday, the training is between 17.00-19.00h. The first hour is basic training, the second hour is for experienced players.

All trainings take place at the Aclo (Sportcentrum Groningen, Blauwborgje 16). Monday training is in the Struikhal, Friday training in the HG-hal. If you’d like to join one (or multiple) trainings, let us know by sending a mail to bestuur[@]!

Another option to explore floorball would be to join the Aclo course. It’s usually on Mondays or Fridays. More information or signing up? Log in at the site of the Aclo.