Such a fun association! The members are excited for every training and train hard, but are also great fun afterwards.


Face Off-veteran

U.C. Face Off

Floorball (unihockey) is one of the fastest indoor sports there is. It originated in Sweden as the summer variant of ice hockey. It is played with sticks made of carbon and with a boarding surrounding the field.

Face Off is one of the oldest floorball associations of The Netherlands. Face Off has a rich history and has been a national champion with both the ladies’ and gents’ teams. The association has also been cup winner multiple times and has provided the national teams with players. But Face Off is not just about winning: we are a very tight and fun association!

This way, there is room for the more fanatic player who wants to get the best out of the sport, but also for the player who wants to relax after a long day in the UB!

Board '23-'24

Our board this year consists of

  • Xander Smit, secretary
  • Quinten Nauta, vice-president
  • Oscar van Laar, sport director
  • Maikel Stulp, general board member
  • Carmen Hoek, treasure
  • Ayush Gupta, motivator
  • Michiel Derksen, president

Training and teams

Our practices take place twice a week. On Monday, we have team practices for ladies and gents. We have two gents teams, with one playing in the highest league and and we also have two ladies teams with one of the teams in the highest league.

On Fridays, we have a basics and advances practice. This is the perfect moment for players who are just starting out to quickly learn the technique and tactics of floorball. On Fridays, ladies and gents are mixed.

Lastly, you have the opportunity to play the smaller variant of floorball, mixed. This is played 4 against 4 without goalies (big field – the official floorball game – is played 5 against 5 with goalies). A mixed-team contains 2 ladies and 2 gents. Face Off always has 1 to 3 mixed-team playing in the competition.


Our activities committee has the goal to organise as many fun, original activities outside of floorball practice. Of course, in covid-times, this has been a bit more difficult, but we hope to see this change soon!

Examples of some things we did are laser tag, bowling, having drinks at our favourite pubs, partying, windsurfing, playing ice hockey, and do quests around the city. We also try to organise a city trip every year, and we have a members weekend on Schiermonnikoog!

Got excited?

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