Become a Member!

You can become a member of Face Off the whole year-round. The costs are as follows:

  • Full year: € 75,-
  • Half year: € 55,-

A membership last from the moment you apply until the start of the new study year. Becoming a member means fun and energizing practices two times a week (once a week over the summer), but also taking part in an awesome association!

Use the form to become a member. Rather train with us a few times? Click here.

To become a member at Face Off, it is mandatory to have an ACLO-card. You can buy this at the ACLO.

Cancelling a membership must be done before September 1st of the relevant year. This is also the date on which the membership ends.

Play competitively?

If you want to play in one of the teams, either in the big field competition or mixed, you have to pay a licence and a team contribution. The costs are as follows:

The costs for big field competition for one year:

  • Licencing: € 47,- per person
  • Teamcontribution: € 300,- per team

The costs for mixed competition for half a year:

  • Team contribution: € 160,- per team

The big field competition lasts the whole study year. The mixed competition is organised twice per 6 months (3 game days with multiple games a day). You have the choice to play either 1 or 2 halves. Both competitions are organised by the NeFUB.


I want to play big field competition

I want to play in the mixed competition

I hereby authorize U.C. Face Off to write off amounts (contribution, fee to play in the Dutch floorball competition, fines, fees for tournaments, etc.) from my bank account.

I authorize the taking of pictures to be used for the website and social media account of U.C. Face Off.

I authorize the determination and processing of my information for the registration at Face Off, de ACLO en de NeFUB.

I hereby declare I have read the information above and agree to the conditions stated at